A passion for flying at the core of all we do

Professional Aviation Solutions

At RaptAir, we are a professional aviation service based in Bundaberg, driven by an unwavering passion for flying that permeates everything we do. Our team is eager to share this passion with you. Operating primarily from the general aviation apron of the Bundaberg Regional Airport, we have cultivated a vast network of partners extending from Brisbane to Rockhampton, ensuring we can best serve your needs.

While we primarily specialize in promoting rotary wing aircraft services to the region, particularly the distinctively designed Robinson R44 Raven II, featuring our trademark claw logo, we offer more than just that. Our access to a diverse fleet of both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft enables us to provide the ideal solution for any occasion.

With our solution sourcing fleet, including the Robinson R44 and R22, Cessna Caravan 208 and 172, we offer a wide range of services tailored to your requirements. These include executive charter, scenic joy-flights, tours, disaster relief, aerial survey, property inspection, and much more. Our commitment to versatility and quality ensures that we can deliver the right solution for every endeavour.

Passion for flight

RaptAir is more than just an aviation service; it is the realization of a shared dream ignited by two families united by a deep passion for flight. At the forefront of our operations are the dynamic couple-combo of Mawgan, our Operations Manager, and Teagan, our Base Manager. They embody the heart and soul of our business, with an unparalleled wealth of experience and an unwavering dedication to the industry.

With their combined expertise and uncontainable enthusiasm, Mawgan and Teagan infuse every aspect of RaptAir with their infectious love for aviation. Their drive to provide exceptional experiences, along with their commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction, sets the foundation for our success.

Their journey in the aviation industry has been marked by countless hours in the sky, honing their skills, and building a profound understanding of the industry’s intricacies. Their shared dream and unrelenting pursuit of excellence have propelled RaptAir to become the trusted name it is today.

Mawgan and Teagan’s remarkable leadership and their ability to navigate challenges with creativity and innovation inspire our entire team to deliver extraordinary service to our valued clients. Together, they form the driving force behind our commitment to making every flight with RaptAir an unforgettable and exhilarating experience.

Join us as we soar to new heights, guided by our shared passion for flight and the determination to make dreams take flight.

Meet the Team


Mawgan’s passion for the aviation industry began in his early years, and he has been driven to pursue his dreams ever since. With a customer-focused, professional, and friendly approach, Mawgan brings a diverse range of practical skills and abilities to RaptAir. From hands-on experience in workshop environments to problem-solving and general office capabilities, he is a versatile asset to our team.

As he looks to the future, Mawgan has his sights set on developing his professional aviation career as a dual-rated pilot. Currently flying for Bekaa Air is a commercial helicopter pilot with his ultimate aspiration is to contribute to the emergency services sector. With his exceptional knowledge of the area and a commitment to delivering enjoyable scenic flights, Mawgan ensures that your experience is nothing short of fantastic.


Teagan plays a crucial role as our dedicated and customer-oriented administrator and media manager at RaptAir. With a friendly and approachable demeanour, she is committed to ensuring our company’s busy schedule runs efficiently and precisely, always keeping client satisfaction as her top priority.

Whilst pursuing her career in the medical industry, aviation flew its way into her heart and landed her at RaptAir. Always eager to learn, Teagan aims to learn to fly privately experiencing the finer things in life.


Our visionary CEO and Board Chair, brings vast expertise as a professional engineer and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. With a passion for flight since 1989, Lasse’s leadership guides RaptAir to new heights. He serves on multiple boards, including the Australian Investors Association. Under his strategic vision, RaptAir excels, delivering exceptional experiences. Lasse’s commitment to excellence inspires our team to push boundaries. Experience his dedication first-hand and discover why he is the driving force behind RaptAir’s success.


Claire grew up in Cornwall, where she developed a fascination with helicopters under the flight path to the Isles of Scilly and witnessing Search and Rescue operations. While originally aiming to join the Navy, she pursued a career as a Physiotherapist. Claire’s passion for flying led her to explore fixed-wing aviation, and now working with RaptAir, she sees the potential to reignite her aviation dreams. With a caring nature and dedication to exceptional service, Claire brings her enthusiasm and expertise to create unforgettable experiences. Join Claire on her helicopter journey and be part of RaptAir’s incredible adventures.