• We ask our customers to arrive 15 minutes prior to their flight.
  • If you are on one of our exclusive helicopter rides the Robinson R44 will seat up to 3 passengers depending on the weight of the passengers and amount of fuel required for the flight duration.

**note: (infants and children are exempt from the 3 passenger limit under some circumstances, please refer the next FAQ)

  • If you are on one of our luxury aeroplane charters the Cessna Caravan 208 will seat up to 10 passengers depending on passenger and baggage weight and the amount of  fuel required for the flight.

**note: (infants and children are exempt from the 10 passenger limit under some circumstances, please refer the next FAQ)

  • There is no minimum passenger age, weight or size for infants and children on our flights.
  • Two children aged 12 and under may share one seat and share one seatbelt providing that they are seated side by side and their combined weight is less than 77kg.
  • An infant is permitted to sit on their parents lap, and a supplementary loop belt will be provided.
  • In both of these circumstances the two passengers occupying one seat are equivalent to one passenger.
  • The maximum individual passenger weight is 136kg, this is a hard limit and unfortunately there is no tolerance above this.
  • There is no passenger age limitation to fly in one of our aircraft, however in the case of emergency, passengers must be physically able to exit the aircraft unassisted by our flight crew.
  • On the day if the pilot deems the conditions to no longer be safe to fly, you may choose to either reschedule to another day or receive a full refund.
  • If the weather is marginal (safe to fly but may affect the experience, for example  when it’s raining) we offer a full refund or you may reschedule your flight to another day.
  • All of our aircraft are equipped with Bose noise canceling headsets, where many companies forgo the extra expense; we don’t.
  • For passengers on our business class aeroplane, headsets are not required however are still recommended. Whilst the cabin has ambient noise, conversations are able to be held between passengers without the headsets.
  • Our pilots do their best to ensure a smooth flight, however if you are prone to motion sickness we recommend you take anti-nausea medication to allow you to best enjoy your flight.
  • At any point during the flight, do not hesitate to let your pilot know that you are feeling airsick, all our aircraft are equipped with sick bags just in case.
  • Safety is ingrained into our company culture and is a part of everything that we do. Rest assured that you and your loved ones are in safe hands with us.
  • Our helicopter is fitted with emergency pop-out floats and emergency locator transmitters and is extensively maintained to meet the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations at all times.
  • Undergoing servicing every 50 hours of flight time, the maintenance staff who service our aircraft are dedicated to each individual aircraft and know them inside out.
  • Absolutely! However in the case of emergency passengers must be physically able to exit the aircraft unassisted by our flight crew.
  • We couldn’t encourage it more! Unlike commercial airlines we don’t require aeroplane mode on our aircraft!
  • Take photos, videos, live stream your experience SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook it’s your flight! Just be sure to tag us @raptair.aviation
  • Absolutely! See our additional extras packages for our champagne and other beverage options.

Address: Squadron Dr, Bundaberg Regional Airport, Bundaberg 4670

Upon entry to the Airport precinct at Bundaberg, turn left at the roundabout and drive to the end, you’ll see our signs and where to park.

RaptAir recognises the importance of ensuring we can deliver a world-class tourism experience for people of all abilities. Should you have any questions on whether this may affect you please don’t hesitate to call our friendly reception team and discuss with our pilots how we may be of best assistance.

  • Unfortunately our aircraft are not equipped with onboard lavatories. RaptAir recommends passengers use the bathroom prior to their flight.