Rotary Wing Aerial Work

Versatile Solutions for Precision Aerial Operations


Efficient transportation of personnel and critical cargo to remote locations using our reliable aircraft, ensuring mission success for your next project.


Swift solutions to minimise downtime by relieving you of the stress of waiting for essential packages, restoring operational efficiency promptly.


Meticulous low-level helicopter services for comprehensive surveys, including river assessments, wildlife monitoring, and fence line inspections, providing accurate and detailed insights.


Fully customisable aerial photography platforms tailored to your unique needs, capturing stunning hand-held stills and high-definition footage from captivating perspectives.


Accurate low-level helicopter services for diverse surveys, such as river assessments, wildlife monitoring, and fence line inspections, enabling precise data collection and analysis.


Swift and efficient lifting missions up to 250kg, allowing for the relocation of fencing, farm equipment, or the delivery of feed to remote and challenging areas.

Rural Pest Management

Precision pest destruction services in partnership with our Aerial Platform Shooter, offering comprehensive solutions to combat pests for commercial, industrial, and government clients.

Environmental Monitoring

Conduct aerial surveys and monitoring of environmental conditions, including vegetation health, water quality, and erosion control, ensuring effective environmental management.

Powerline Inspection

Comprehensive aerial inspections of power lines and utility infrastructure, facilitating early detection of potential maintenance issues and ensuring safety.

Disaster Support

Assist in firefighting efforts with aerial reconnaissance, crew transport, and fire monitoring services, supporting ground crews to combat fires effectively.

Search and Rescue

Rapid response and efficient aerial support in search and rescue operations, enhancing the chances of locating and rescuing individuals in distress.

Construction Support

Aerial services for construction projects, including site surveys, progress monitoring, and transportation of personnel and equipment to remote construction sites, optimising project management.